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Indian Wedding Bridal Shoot

April 27, 2017  •  5 Comments


About twice a year maybe more, I host a wedding editorial shoot. I have a great team of makeup artists, hairstylists, designers and models that I work with.

I am very excited to have an Indian wedding booked for the end of the year so I decided on that for the theme of my bridal editorial.

It was a very windy day to shoot on the beach, but we had a great time. The wind blowing from the west actually helped showcase the beautiful, dupattas.

The beautiful wedding sarees were handled with care as we shot and were very comfortable for our models. We had four sarees available for our shoot.

The bridal jewelry accessories were provided by Nitra Jain of Glitter Trunk Jewelry. She specializes in Indian jewelry. All of her items and materials are straight from India. Shots of the wedding details were taken indoors. I setup a few studio lights to focus on the accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I truly appreciate the Indian culture and would love to shoot more Indian weddings. All of the colors, jewelry, beautiful henna designs combined with lots of love will make gorgeous wedding day images. I also forgot to mention that I am willing to travel :)

Stay tuned for my first Indian wedding in the next few months.

Yours truly,


Jamal T. Cormier


Zahid Anowar(non-registered)
Impressive photography work. As a novice photographer i recommend you. I love your dedicated work.
Clipping Path(non-registered)
This post is really fascinating. I love this post. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Ghost Mannequin Effect(non-registered)
very effective post for photographer . i also share this post on my blog
Namir Qutb Zogby(non-registered)
How beautiful wedding bridal photographs . I'm inspired after seeing your images , Thanks .
Rachana Patel(non-registered)
I have seen all of the photos and videos on your website. All of the pictures are my favorite. You really work hard. Thank you for showing me all the beautiful pictures.
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