Carmina and Roman's Wedding in Princeton NJ

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Every couple has their very own love story, their very own style, their very own wedding day. Carmina and Roman’s story, style and wedding day is the sweetest little gift wrapped up in the most perfect of bows. This is a story of crossed paths on the same campus for years, but finally locked eyes, overseas years later. This is a story of a couple so organically in love, a couple eager to start their lifelong journey together. A story of an exquisite wedding day held in the place they passed each other for 4 years. This is Carmina and Roman.



    When I first met with Carmina and Roman, there was an instant connection for me. They were overjoyed, excited and truly connected to one another. They were incredibly polite and couldn’t wait to dive into their wedding photography plans with me. They made me feel as though I’d known them for such a long time and couple/photographer relationship like that, goes a long way. They had both attended Princeton, but with hundreds of mutual friends and overlapping environments, it didn’t being them together until January of 2016.


    Roman as living in Tokyo to pursue a career in finance, along with continuing his passion for football and Carmina who was attending Yale at the time, had flown over to Tokyo to visit her family for Christmas break. They had connected thanks to a mutual friend from school and they had made plans to meet and have dinner. Well, one dinner turned to two, which led to the week ending with Roman attending church with Carmina and her parents and the rest is pretty much history. They withstood the test of a long-distance relationship and when Roman asked Carmina to marry him, he had surprised her with a 4-day trip to Paris and asked her then.

    Their wedding day was just as romantic as their love story. Their ceremony was help at the Princeton Chapel in Princeton, NJ and their reception was hosted at the Princeton Prospect House. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you can tell I have “a thing” with Princeton. It’s such a historical, classic town and for any photographer-worth visiting and capturing memories and visuals. Carmina, Roman and their entire wedding party fit the classicism of the town, perfectly. I love photographing in nature and capturing these special moments other people may not notice-Carmina, Roman and I went to various locations to take their wedding photos and I had such an amazing time. As you look at their photos, the color tone, florals, hair and makeup and overall feel was a classic romanticism. Whimsical, yet traditional. Graceful, yet high energy and fun.

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    Carmina and Roman were enjoying themselves so much and all their family and friends, you could tell, were so in love with the day and having the time of their lives. To capture this day for them, after hearing their love story, meant everything to me. The only thing I can do is thank Carmina and Roman for choosing me to be their wedding photographer and to let them know that not only their wedding day touched me, but their very own love story as well.

Check out the rest of the photo's at the link below!  :)

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